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Geothermal Information.
Geothermal energy refers to heat energy stored in the ground. Heat is supplied to the ground from two sources namely the hot core of the Earth and the Sun. A Geothermal heat pump system will harness this free and renewable energy source for heating your house and supplying hot water at a very low cost. Geothermal heat pumps look similar and can perform the same functions as a conventional gas or oil boiler. There are mainly two types of geothermal systems. Horizontal ground collectors, which are pipes buried at approximately one metre below ground; and Vertical ground collectors, which have ground probes /pipes installed in one or a number of cored shafts (similar to modern wells). Both of these systems involve the warming up of a non-toxic liquid by a few degrees as it travels along the pipework. The energy gained in changing the temperature is collected by the heat pump and used to heat the water and heating system in a dwelling.  The geothermal heat pump produces far more energy than it consumes. This form of heating costs a fraction of the price of conventional heating systems in use in Ireland today, due to a low consumption of electricity and minimal maintenance costs. The energy saving can be up to 70% in comparison to conventional heating systems.

The costs involved.
There is a wide range in product prices.  The price depends in the size of the dwelling, the size of the heating system required and the product quality.  The typical cost of a full system installation would be between €13,000 to €15,000 for heat pump with a Horizontal ground collector and €18,000 to            €21,000 for a heat pump with a Vertical ground collector (less the amount of grants mentioned above).

Geothermal Heat Pump for an existing dwelling.
When installing a heat pump into an existing dwelling it is critical to ensure that the building is sufficiently insulated and the existing heating system is surveyed to ensure compatibility.  In many cases the dwelling’s insulated fabric will need to be upgraded to increase the efficient operation and thus optimal electricity usage. ESB Networks are now requiring that a soft starter be incorporated in heat pump installations in houses. Please contact ESB Networks (1850 372 757) before you apply to ensure that a sufficient electricity connection can be provided.geothermal image
It is recommended to endeavour to achieve insulation levels as close to ‘new build’ requirements where possible and practical. It is recommended to seek advice from a consultant to enable the most practical and beneficial retrofitting of insulation.  Please refer to our directory.
The existing heating system should be surveyed by your installer as not all radiators are suitable for use with heat pumps; it is recommend that Underfloor Heating  or low temperature radiators are used. 

Please refer to our Directory for suppliers and installers of the above products.


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