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Why should I choose Geothermal Energy?
The benefits.geothermal image

  • Free and renewable energy source.
  • Can save up to 70% on existing bills.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • 400% efficiency.
  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Improves the BER rating of your dwelling.
  • Adds value to your property.

Energy savings.
Typically, 3 – 4 units of heat are generated for every unit of electricity used by the heat pump to deliver it, and the payback is typically about 8 – 10 years.  The life expectancy of the system is around 25 years.  Once installed a heat pump requires very little maintenance.  Anyone installing a heat pump should speak with their installer regarding a maintenance agreement.  Heat pumps operate optimally when a system design approach is taken.  It is important that the heat collector and heat distribution systems are correctly sized/installed.

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