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Why should I install Solar Heating ?

To Fight Global Warming.
Solar Power reduces your Carbon Footprint.  Most hot water in Ireland is created using oil, electricity or gas, which are contributing greatly to our current global warming problem.  There is an urgent need to reduce the amount of green house gases in our environment.  By installing Solar Power in your dwelling you can produce hot water via renewable energy resulting in a better environment for everyone.

To Reduce Your Energy Bills. solar panel image
Solar power produces up to 70% of your hot water requirements for free.  When you install a solar power system you will be generating free hot water and your energy bills will decrease depending on the number of solar panels in the system and the amount of hot water being used.  Solar power can be used in new and existing households.  An average household using €1,500 on heating bills per year, can have this reduced by up to 70%, making a saving of up €1,000 per year.

To Add Value To Your Home.
By installing a Solar Power system in your dwelling you will be increasing the value of your home in many ways.  Firstly, by increasing its energy ratings (BER).  Secondly, it will bring your dwelling in compliance with more modern building regulations.  Thirdly, by increasing its market value as purchasers will seek to obtain the benefits of renewable energy.  Not to mention the values that can be put on a better environment etc..

To Avail of Current Government Grants.
Grants are currently available to householders who install Solar Power heating systems providing you are eligible under the following current criteria:

  • The dwelling must be occupied prior to June, 2008.  
  • No previous grant for renewable energy has been granted on the dwelling.  (even by previous owners)
  • Suppliers and installers must be registered with the SEI.

Government Grants Available.

Solar Heating


When getting a quote for your chosen system, ensure that it fully covers all aspect of design and installation.
The table below gives an approximation in terms of size and cost of the equipment.

No. of people in
the household

Area of Solar Panel

Volume of the
Solar Storage Cylinder

Approx. Cost of
Equipment and fitting.

2 – 3

3 – 4 m. sq.

150 – 200 litres

€3000 – 3500

4 – 5

4 – 6 m. sq.

200 – 300 litres

€3500 – 4500

6 – 7

6 – 8 m. sq.

300 – 400 litres

€4500 – 5500

Less a Grant of €800.


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