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Water source heat pumps work in a similar way to ground source heat pumps by transferring heat from the water source to the house.  They use an open loop collector where the underground water such as a well is circulated through pipes that in turn transfer heat to your house.    If you have groundwater available at an appropriate depth, (ideally close to the surface) and temperature, (between 8C and 12C) it heat pump diagramcould be an excellent source of heat. The water heat pump requires two well holes, warm water is taken out of the delivery well and cooled, and then it is reintroduced to the groundwater via the return well. The energy extracted from the groundwater can cover nearly 100% of your heating requirements.  Your installer should survey the existing heating system, as not all radiators are suitable for use with heat pumps; it is recommend that Underfloor Heating (with sufficient insulation) or low temperature radiators are used.

The average cost of installing a water source heat pump is around €13,500.


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