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Wind Energy.

Among the many renewable energy options available in Ireland, wind power is the one that can reduce wind turbine imagea typical electricity bill by 30% to 60%.  As a renewable source of energy it produces no carbon emissions or waste products.  Wind turbines are electric generators that use the wind’s lift forces to rotate the blades, which then turn a rotor that creates electricity.  While they can seem an expensive option at first, a well-sited small wind turbine usually pays for itself within 15 years.  There are two types of wind turbines – mast mounted which are free-standing and roof mounted which can be installed on house roofs, both coming in a variety of sizes.


Most small wind turbines generate DC (direct current) electricity, which is either stored in batteries or converted to AC (alternating current – mains) electricity by an inverter.  The wind turbine can supply electricity through your existing circuit board with the use of an inverter where it is connected with it’s own fuse.  With the Micro-Generation Export Scheme any excess electricity can be bought back by the ESB at 19 cents per kWh for the first 4,000 customers and 9 cents per kWh thereafter. 


Turbines vary in height, rotor diameter and power output.  In general a typical domestic system would be from 1 to 6 kilowatts.  The larger the turbine the more power it will produce and normally the more expensive.  In order to get the best economic return advice should be sought from an accredited installer, please refer to our directory.  There are a number of things to take into consideration.  The speed of the wind increases with height; therefore it is better to have the turbine on a high mast.  Ideally the site should be on top of a hill free from obstructions such as large trees or buildings, which can reduce wind speed or cause turbulence, particularly to the Southwest and West where the most predominant winds come from.  Small-integrated wind turbines suitable for urban locations are available from some suppliers.


In order to verify if your site or home is suitable you can have wind measurements taken, however this can be extremely time-consuming and costly.  You can check the Met Eireann web site for approximate figures.  There are also gadgets available, one being “Power Predictor” (C. €200), which measures the amount of solar power and wind energy that could be generated on your site, it also predicts how long it would take to recover costs and the reductions on the carbon footprint.


The cost depends on the size of the turbine, the larger the turbine the more expensive it is, but also thewind turbine image better the return on it.  Below are some estimated prices, as with everything it is best to get several quotes, taking into account if there will be an extra cost for an inverter, and if VAT and installation costs are included in the price.

400W Turbine with a 6 M. mast – average cost €2,600 – this will give you savings of approximately €200 per year and an average 8% return on your investment.

1KW Turbine with a 6 M. mast – average cost €4,000 – this will give you savings of approximately €500 per year and an average 12% return on your investment.

2.5KW Turbine with an 8 M. mast – average cost  €12,000 – this will give you savings of approximately €1,200 per year and an average return of 10% return on your investment.

3KW Turbine with an 8 M. mast – average cost  €16,000 – this will give you savings of approximately €1,500 per year and an average 10% return on your investment.


Please note that the above figures are estimated guidelines only, your supplier will be able to give you the best advice for your needs.


Wind power is a sustainable, clean form of renewable energy, which is inexhaustible.  You can reduce both your carbon emissions and your electricity bills and can even gain income from the sale of any surplus electricity to ESB.  However it is a big investment so you must seek professional advice to ensure the most value for money in the long term, refer to our directory. 

Please refer to our Directory for suppliers and installers of the above products.



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